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Candy Making Machinery

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  • Candy Making Machinery

Candy Making Machinery

1. Make different sizes gelatin/pectin candy.
2. The cooked and warm mass of Toffee / Candy is further proceed to form a thin and continuous rope on batch Roller Machine. The Batch Roller Machine is consisting of forward and reverse rotating stainless steel taper rolls. The rotating rolls moves the mass towards small end of rolls gradually and forms thin rope as per requirement. This rope is now ready to further proceed in to Rope Sizer Unit.
3. The Toffee / Candy thin rope from Batch Roller further proceeds into Rope Sizer to form exact size rope as per Toffee / Candy size. Rope size machine consists of semi round grooved and knurled rope wheel sets. One set is provided vertically and other are horizontal. To form exact size of rope for Toffee / Candy size, the thin Toffee / Candy rope passes through decreasing rope wheel set and forms exact size of rope required.
4. Adjusting rope wheel set by means of graduated lever which is provided to get various size of rope according to varieties of toffees and candies.
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