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Chocolate Refining Machine

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  • Chocolate Refining Machine

Chocolate Refining Machine

1. It is suitable especially for the technical request of medium chocolate and candy factory.
2. The chocolate conche machine is one of the major chocolate machine in the chocolate production line which are used for the fine grinding of chocolate material.
3. This machine is hand wheel operation, the places contacting with food and outer case are made of excellent alloy steel and stainless steel. Has a multi function of grinding, dehydration, deodorization, dilution and emulsification.
4. Heated by electric power.
5. The base and gear box are cast iron, so it will be more stable and can make sure the  fineness degree.
6. Electrical motor tighten adjustable grinding pressure.
7. High production capacity.
8. This aircraft structure tight qin, the simplicity of operator, the service is convenient, the disposable investment are few, on deft and so on merits, is suitable specially for the small chocolate candy factory technique of production request, is in the chocolate production lines major installation, mainly uses in the correct grinding chocolate pulp.
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