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LINHANDLE INDUSTRIAL Group CO., LTD. is a factory direct supplier of Chocolate Tempering Machines in Taiwan. With steady technology back-up and good service in after-sale, the company grew up more and more in local stone business. Following are parts of our products, we are glad to offer detailed information of more models for your reference. Contact now!

We provide a variety of

Chocolate Tempering Machines

. These products are including many features, such as high quality, fast delivery, competitive prices, environmental friendly products and diverse. We follow ethical business policies to provide ultimate client satisfaction to our clients.
  • Chocolate Tempering Machines

Chocolate Tempering Machines

1. The machine is indispensable equipment in the chocolate production line. It can be automatically controlled and in strict line with the temperature required for each section in the tempering procedure so as to guarantee the quality of chocolate.
2. Temperature adjustment.
3. Melting and storage function.
4. With scraper, mixer and stir device.
5. With water interlayer heating equipment, can be used for external heating and heat preservation.
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