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LINHANDLE INDUSTRIAL Group CO., LTD. is one of the largest manufacturer, supplier of Chocolate Tempering Tank in Taiwan. Having specialized in our products for many years, our top ranking sales are due mostly in part to word of mouth among our numerous satisfied customers. We feel that the more we strive to have the better quality, the more we gain the confidence of foreign and domestic customers. In the past, we focused on domestic market a lot, and today, we have been gradually exporting to countries around the world and have won the praise and trust accordingly. For your better understanding of our company, please pay a visit on this website for more information about our products.

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Chocolate Tempering Tank

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  • Chocolate Tempering Tank

Chocolate Tempering Tank

1. Is used for storage chocolate materials melted by chocolate conch, it is a container.
2. Chocolate materials need to be tempered continuously after grinding process, this chocolate tank can mix materials and make it blended homogeneously and heated uniformly.
3. Chocolate materials and fat will not get separated from each other.
4. Different capacities can be custom as requirements.
5. Can be kept cleaner to preserve its smooth, sleek and shiny surface.
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