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LINHANDLE INDUSTRIAL Group CO., LTD. is a professional Hard Candy Machine supplier. and we can reach about 1000 Million USD for exportation total amount. Over ten years experiences in the fields of materials, we are becoming the leader of the first line in the market. We laid our foot years back & ever since we are striving to deliver in our products innovation, competitive pricing & quality driven customer satisfaction.

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Hard Candy Machine

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  • Hard Candy Machine

Hard Candy Machine
LC-26,27 GD-150
LC-26,27 GD-300
LC-26,27 GD-450
LC-26,27 GD-600

1. Easy operation, small occupation.
2. Automatic tepmerature control.
3. Easily adjust the heating power.
4. Set the syrup heating temperature according to different needs.
5. It has high thermal efficiency and long working life.
6. High melting speed, the rugged structure of pot body, has its own thermal insulation layer. Good heat preservation performance and low heat loss.
7. This machine has both functions of boiling sugar and picking up the suction. Reasonable design structure.
8. Putting into the sugar and syrup, down the lid when the sugar solution boils to high temperature degrees, then open vacuum pump. Products will be out after some seconds . Boil sugar time can be controlled in short time. It is the necessary and idea machine for producing high quality candy without the boiler.
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