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Lollipop Forming Machine

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  • Lollipop Forming Machine

Lollipop Forming Machine

1. Lollipop candy making machine. A new generation equipment which is special for die-forming lollipop.
2. It is designed based on the foreign advanced technology and the international processing method.
   Various kinds of lollipop such as colorful lollipop, central-filled lollipop etc. can be made by the former.
3. PLC full automatic control available.
4. With automatic stick insert device.
5. It is an ideal equipment to make good quality candy which saves both manpower and the space occupied.
6. This lollipop machine is used for producing spherical and oblate lollipops of different sizes and shapes.
7. The size of the lollipops can be designed according to customer’s requirements.

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